In Order for Vitamins in Broccoli Not Lost

When boiled broccoli with hot water, the broccoli will lose at least 34-22 percent of its vitamin C. During boiling or steam, the nutrients in broccoli could be merged with the liquid used, which in turn is wasted. Cooked in the microwave is the best way to warm this vegetable. With a microwave, broccoli will […]

How to Strengthen the Immune System

Modern lifestyles are often not healthy to the body’s immune system is challenged more often than before. Pattern of unhealthy eating, increased stress, and pollution every day weakens immune. As a result, it is not surprising that more and more incidents of allergies, recurrent fever and flu, chronic fatigue, and irritation to the environment. Immune […]

How to Prevent Stretch Mark

Have you ever heard about stretch mark? Stretch mark is skin condition that makes skin look wrinkled like an orange. Medically, this is not a disorder, but for women who have stretch mark may be not confident. So how to prevent Stretch Mark? Here are some tips. Striae Gravidarum is medical-language-of stretch mark, it is […]

Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweeds preferred because it tastes delicious. Did you know, in addition to good to be enjoyed, seaweed is also good for your skin. The skin will be smooth, and youthful. In addition, many fibers in seaweed can make your body slim. Besides as a nutritious food, seaweed is also widely used as a drug manufacturing […]