Five Simple Ways to Counteract The Virus Disease

Flu symptoms such as cough, sniffle, headache and fever could happen to anyone else because it is very easy to catch. Often people who are in one room can be alternately exposed to the disease. That is because viruses and bacteria transfer occurs very easily, quickly, and usually through the medium of air. Be careful, this condition is also passed on the H1N1 flu.

In order not easily exposed to contagious diseases or viruses and bacteria there are several things you need to make a habit.

Wash hands with soap
It sounds very simple, but many people do not do it. In fact, the hand is a nest of various viruses and bacteria. Before and after eating, after the bathroom always wash your hands thoroughly using soap. Do not let the viruses and bacteria breed in your hand. For hand washing, is not necessary to use antibacterial soap, regular soap is fine too.

How to Prevent Stretch Mark

Have you ever heard about stretch mark? Stretch mark is skin condition that makes skin look wrinkled like an orange. Medically, this is not a disorder, but for women who have stretch mark may be not confident. So how to prevent Stretch Mark? Here are some tips.

Striae Gravidarum is medical-language-of stretch mark, it is very disturbing for most of women. Pregnancy, decrease or drastic weight gain, puberty also could be the cause.

Prevent Wrinkles with Lychees, Spinach, Carrots

Age may be increased, but it is not every woman wants to look old with smooth wrinkles on the face. Sometimes, just a little wrinkle can make the owner face panicked. Treatment with modern technology is often found in various beauty clinics. But it does not hurt if you try natural materials, such as lychees, spinach and carrots. Wrinkles will not immediately come to you though your age had stepped on the head 3 or 4. How it works? Just read the following article!

Natural materials: natural materials such as vegetables and fruits are good for beauty treatments if done regularly.

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