Acne and Your Diet

Chocolate, fatty foods, artificial sweeteners and starch-based foods are all kinds of foods that cause the appearance of acne. Although still a lot of controversy, mostly the diet is believed to have a small part in increasing the number of acne patients compared to the previous time.

Hormonal changes, including changes that occur at the beginning of puberty is very influential. Hormone testosterone glands expand and influence the way the appearance of acne because too much oil production and accumulation in the body from bacteria. This reaction is exacerbated by stress and the menstrual cycle.

So what nutritious foods associated with acne? And is there a solution?

Five Bad Habits You Need to Avoid!

Many of us have bad habits regarding eating activity, but this happens usually without us knowing it. These bad habits will certainly affect for our health. Therefore, those bad habits we have to eliminate. What are five of them?

1. No breakfast
Breakfast is needed to provide energy for the body and helps the brain to think. Therefore, the habit of not eating breakfast is not good for health. The best choice for a healthy breakfast is fruit.

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