Acne and Your Diet

Chocolate, fatty foods, artificial sweeteners and starch-based foods are all kinds of foods that cause the appearance of acne. Although still a lot of controversy, mostly the diet is believed to have a small part in increasing the number of acne patients compared to the previous time.

Hormonal changes, including changes that occur at the beginning of puberty is very influential. Hormone testosterone glands expand and influence the way the appearance of acne because too much oil production and accumulation in the body from bacteria. This reaction is exacerbated by stress and the menstrual cycle.

So what nutritious foods associated with acne? And is there a solution?

Cholesterol Lowering Tips

Wrinkles are more obvious on the face may be one sign that you are getting older. But to find out your cholesterol level increase cannot recognize the physical appearance.

Today cholesterol levels rise and fall not only experienced by older people. Teenagers also experience serious health risks due to soaring cholesterol. A number of severe diseases such as heart disease, stroke is now not just attack the elderly, but also young people.

Benefits of Banana

When you are under stress, it will cause the metabolism to rise. This will make the reduction of potassium levels in the body.

If this condition was your experience, do not be too worried. You can control it by eating bananas which is rich in potassium.

How to Strengthen the Immune System

Modern lifestyles are often not healthy to the body’s immune system is challenged more often than before. Pattern of unhealthy eating, increased stress, and pollution every day weakens immune.

As a result, it is not surprising that more and more incidents of allergies, recurrent fever and flu, chronic fatigue, and irritation to the environment. Immune system disorders, both because of less active or less active, have also increased. To strengthen the immune system, you can follow some steps that can be your guide.

1. Keep your diet balanced. Balanced diet is very important in maintaining immune system function.
Try to diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety fitonutrisi, vitamins and minerals are very important in strengthening the immune system. Intake of essential vitamins and minerals will keep the immune system to work properly and provide protection from infection and disease. You can also get minerals from fish, poultry, low-fat meats, low-fat dairy products, cereals and pulses. Do not forget also to eat cheese, eggs or liver rich in vitamins A and spinach, sweet potatoes or carrots are rich in beta-carotene every day.

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