Tips For Maximize Cardio Workout Results

workoutTo get an ideal body shape, it is important to do regular exercise. The right type of exercise to burn calories and fat is aerobic or cardio workout. Besides helping the effectiveness of your diet, cardio workout is also beneficial for maintaining heart health. Let’s find out more about cardio workout, as well as the tips for maximize cardio workout results.

What is cardio workout?
Cardio or aerobic workout is physical activity with moderate intensity in the long term. Cardio workout helps maintain the heart health and burn body fat if it is done in appropriate intensity and always consistent.

What is the right frequency?
For the beginners, the frequency of exercise preferably is done 3 times a week. And then, try to increase the frequency of exercise little by little until it reaches 5-6 times a week.
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How to Prevent Acne Coming Back

picture of acne on girl faceAs a teen you surely have experienced with acne. Yes, acne and teens are two things that are inseparable. Acne that appears on the face often makes teenagers less confident. Almost every time they take the mirror to see the acne on their face. Sometimes not only see but their hands are itching and want to push it here and push it here. Squeeze the pimples actually make the acne getting worse if you do not know the trick.

There are a lot of good advices given by a friend and dermatologist about how to treat acne. In addition, many anti-acne products that can be found on television or clearly displayed in teen magazines. Acne soap and cream are two types of products for acne that most appeared on television. All of them offer instant way to get rid of acne from the face. But if you want to permanently clean from acne, prevent the appearance of acne on your face is more important.

For that I have tips on how to prevent acne coming back:
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How to Overcome Dehydration in Children

little girl is drinking a milkThe main action that you must do to overcome dehydration in children is as soon as possible replace the body fluids that much out. Do this by giving the child water to drink as much as possible.

You can give your little one a liquid such as fresh water, fruit juices, soup, ice cream, or any other liquid. The important thing, give the type of fluid according to the child’s health condition. For example, if he has a cold, do not give ice cream.

When should go to the doctor? When the child diarrhea and vomiting. If he has diarrhea and always spewing liquids that you give, so his body will stay dehydrated. Surely this situation should not be allowed for a long time. Usually, doctors will replace the child’s body fluids through the infusion.
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Six Steps to Get a Healthy Pregnancy

young coupleThere are important things to be prepared if you and your spouse want to have a baby soon. Ideally, this pregnancy preparation is done by you and your spouse 6 months before the conception.

Here are six steps to get a healthy pregnancy:
1. Expand the knowledge about pregnancy, birth and baby care from many resources such as books, magazines, and internet.

2. Stop bad habits like smoking, drinking, come home late at night, stress and so on.

3. Consider the diet. Keep a healthy balanced diet. The point is meeting all the nutrients your body needs, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
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