Phentermine – learn the risks of being overweight

There’s no big surprise that being obese can lead to serious health complications. Still, many people seem to not understand the hazards of having too much excessive weight. Here is a short list of the most common yet quite serious health problems that are directly linked to overweight and obesity: (more…)

Phentermine and Rapid Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight rapidly doing it with half-measures just won’t do. More than any diets, exercises or pills, rapid and effective weight loss requires an attitude aimed at success and consistency in what you are doing, and that sometimes can be quite hard. In most cases losing weight means changing your lifestyle altogether and we know how most of us aren’t able to shift schedules and regimens, especially when “needed.” But in fact, there are only a couple of things that can make it really hard for you to lose weight: mental disorders, metabolism disorders or inherited obesity that is characteristic for the family. In all other cases it is only your will that can make this happen or not. (more…)

Acomplia for Weight Loss Before and After Surgery

On medical issues, there are different ways of interpreting events. Go back ten years and the question of surgery for weight loss – the so-called bariatric surgery – was viewed as an extreme response to the problem. In some senses this represented caution on the part of surgeons who wanted to ensure the procedures were safe. But it also reflected a desire to encourage people, wherever possible, to achieve weight loss through their own efforts. The concern was that, if people had proved incapable of controlling their intake of food before eating, they might continue to eat unwisely and undo the surgeon’s good work. For this reason, access to surgery was limited to cases where individuals were more than 40 BMI or more than 35 BMI if their health was adversely affected. More importantly, people had to demonstrate a genuine effort at weight loss before surgery would be authorized. This always involves dieting, an exercise routine and use of one of the anti-obesity drugs. (more…)

Phentermine and low-carb diets

Many people have an unscientific approach to dieting. They see the headline: “Lose one pound a week if you cut your food intake by 500 calories a day”. Without much thought, they sign up because 500 calories does not sound very many calories to lose and one pound lost every week is a good reward to aim for. So then they start asking the important questions like, “What is a calorie?” and “How do you measure the number of calories?” This can finish a few people’s interest before they start. Some will just assume they can guess and it will all turn out right if they eat less. It takes slightly more commitment to make it to the final stage which is menu planning. Why plan menus? Because one of the problems of many diets is they get boring unless you change things around on a regular basis. So actually sitting down to pick out a few recipes you like and put a week’s menu together is a good way of keeping up interest. All of which brings us to the Big Breakfast Diet. (more…)