The Benefits of Medical Alert System

As a senior, we sometimes can’t stand to be considered as incapable of living alone. We know that our family doesn’t allow us to live alone because they love us and don’t want any bad things happen to us. But their worries are just really annoying sometimes. Aging is quite hurt sometimes because we have to leave so many things we used to love to do in younger ages. (more…)

Find the Right Doctor for You

Health is surely the most important treasure for every person. We do many efforts in order to keep our body stays fit. We always figure out the best way to live the healthy lifestyle so we can keep healthy all the time.

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Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning TipsPreparing meals for our family sometimes is easy but sometimes it can be stressful. We have to be smart and creative manage Meal planning in order not to get bored quickly. Here are some simple tips for meal planning that you can take:

1. Menu should be composed of at least 10 days in order to avoid repetition of menus on the same day.

2. Use the ingredients for one meal. For example for lunch, do not use the same materials for a package menu. This is important so that the menu is not dull and more varied nutrient intake.

3. Should not be the same processing techniques, such as dominant fried food menu, all baked or boiled everything. Variations of processing techniques affect flavor, appearance, color and texture of food. This also effect on a person’s appetite.

Tips, How to Wash Berries safely

Wash and clean berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and other berries are soft textured) of dirt is tricky. Because if the wrong way, these berries can be crushed form. Here is an easy way to clean berry fruit without damaging the texture.

1. Enter the berries into a sieve and the contents of a container with water
2. Dip the sieve into the water until the entire surface of the water covered berries (more…)