How to Prevent Stretch Mark

Have you ever heard about stretch mark? Stretch mark is skin condition that makes skin look wrinkled like an orange. Medically, this is not a disorder, but for women who have stretch mark may be not confident. So how do I prevent Stretch Mark? Here are some tips.

Striae Gravidarum is medical-language-of stretch mark, it is very disturbing beauty of the skin. Pregnancy, decrease or drastic weight gain, puberties also could be the cause. (more…)

Five Important Foods for Skin Nutrition

pink salmonIf you want to have a healthy skin, you definitely have to do skin care regularly, skin treatments should be done both from inside and outside. Skin care from inside has a tremendous influence for your skin. Expensive care creams, serums, etc. can not be optimized if you do not pay attention to food intake as well as nutrients to keep your skin healthy, soft and luminous.

The following are some foods that are believed able to make skin healthy and glowing:

* Salmon
Maybe you have heard that salmon is rich in vitamins and proteins that are beneficial to human body and skin. Salmon is rich in omega-3 unsaturated fats that can help keep your skin soft. In addition, salmon contains selenium which can also moisturize your skin and make your skin glowing. Consuming salmon regularly will also makes your skin look younger.

Cucumber Makes Your Skin Smooth

cucumberSurely all women want to look beautiful and charming. Beauty of women one of them can be seen from their skin. One thing that makes our skin smooth is the adequacy of liquid. Especially if that liquid contains vitamins and minerals that are good for skin.

Cucumber skin is a very important part because it contains many minerals, including silica. Therefore, when you consume cucumber, you should not peel the skin, but enough to be washed with clean water that flows.

You can combine cucumber with other ingredients to get a special juice cuisine and sure enough it will make you skin healthy, soft and shiny.

Carrot cucumber juice
1 large cucumber fruit (3 small pieces)
1 carrot pieces same size
2 celery stem
1 apple fruit (any type)
1 little ginger
How to create:
After all the ingredients to be washed and cut, use the Juicer to take essence. Pour into a glass, ready to be drunk.

Important Food for Anti Aging

present at a number of nutrients to work more effectively in the body. If you take antioxidants, then fight against oxidants by attaching themselves to free radicals, thereby reducing inflammation associated with various aspects of the aging process. There are varieties of nutritious foods consumed by everyone, but only some were able to slow aging, namely salmon, blueberries and green tea.

Content of antioxidants in salmon will make vitamin C and E work longer to improve the health of the eyes and skin. Source of protein is found in salmon are needed to make all the cells, skin, hair, eyes, muscles and other organs. Healthy fat content, namely Omega 3 can improve the HDL to reduce the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.