Variety of Healthy Foods for Skin

Our bodies, including the skin, need healthy foods, such as healthy fats, proteins that right, fruits, and vegetables. This is the fifth most types of healthy foods for your skin.

1. Almond
Consumption of a handful of almonds a day can raise levels of vitamin E (an important antioxidant for healthy skin), and moisturize dry skin as well. It also protects the skin from aging, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

2. Green tea
Three cups of green tea a day can contribute enough antioxidants for your body, so that they can fight aging and inflammation. The risk of skin cancer will also be reduced if we diligently consume green tea.

Fish, Healthy Food for Brain

pink salmonPerhaps you have heard stories about good food for the brain, the fish which were able to reduce the risk of heart disease or even reduce the growth of breast cancer for the sufferer, and efficacious of these foods due to fatty fish are good for the body.

Perhaps you are not too familiar with this type of fat, fatty acids Omega-3, which was also efficacious for preventing depression.

Efficacious of Spinach

Spinach vegetables have the efficacy to prevent loss of vision due to old age (macular degeneration), cataracts, cancer, high blood pressure and birth defects.

These green leafy vegetables are loaded with lutein and folate, which helps prevent heart disease and birth defects.

Spinach also contains iron for the prevention of anemia, but the iron in spinach is not easily absorbed. Increase the body’s absorption of this mineral in a way to cook spinach with other vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Frozen spinach is usually cooked to a mixture of soup, or pasta. While ordinary cooked fresh spinach for salad, sandwich or pan-fried.