Black Soybean Benefits

Black Soybean
Black soybean (Glycine soja) is one type of crop legumes. Black soybean is native tropical Asia and Southeast Asia, which widely used as food ingredients. In Indonesia, black soybean is widely used as raw soy sauce.

Black soybeans have a protein content varies between 37-41 percent, and 11-21 percent fat content. Mino acids glutamate in the black soybean slightly higher than yellow soybeans, because it the taste more savory black beans than yellow soybeans.

According to some studies, black beans can reduce the symptoms of menopause in women. Because soy has nearly similar structure to the estrogen hormone in woman. One of the estrogen-like compounds found in plants are isoflavones.

Roselle, Effective Lower Cholesterol and Prevents Aging

There is one family of medicinal plants, which have many health benefits, namely Roselle. A beautiful name isn’t it? Roselle has red color, very suitable for planting in our yard. Petals that sour characterize this flower. Do you want to know about benefits of this flower? Please read the following articles.

roselle flower

Ingredients and Benefits:
Rosella Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, A, D, B1 and B2, Antioxidants, Anthocyanins iron, magnesium, and omega 3, beta-carotene.

Benefits for Health:
Rosella tea helps lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, overcome cough, sore throat and sores, weight loss, bowel launch, and prevent bone loss, enhancing stamina, endurance and body care.

Benefits of Tea

Tea has many health benefits. Among the benefits of drinking tea is able to prevent heart disease and lower blood cholesterol levels. Tea also can work as anti-microbial.
Here are some benefits of tea as quoted by WebMD.

Green Tea
Contain high concentrations of EGCG. Antioxidants in green tea may prevent clogged arteries, burn fat, reduce the risk of neurological disorders, prevent colorectal cancer, pancreas, stomach, and reduce the risk of stroke and improve blood cholesterol levels.

Black Tea
Made from fermented tea leaves, black tea has the highest caffeine content. Studies show that black tea may protect the lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. This black tea also can reduce the risk of stroke.