There’s no sense in keeping your acne

You probably know what it feels like to wake up in the morning with the hate for the way you look. Each and every one of us has those moments once in a while. We can’t help but feel depressed and vulnerable because of the state we find ourselves in.

Acnes don’t have to hurt to make you experience discomfort. It can happen so that you will start to realize that getting used to having them is the only solution left but this is one big mistake people seem to make. It is totally wrong to accept that fact that the problem you have is here to stay for good. The best attitude to have is to be willing to fight the issue that keeps on irritating and making the hell out of your life. (more…)

What to do about scars?

For the majority of people, acne comes, stays for a month or so, and then passes peacefully away. There’s some looks and comments to put up with but, for the most part, the whole experience is painless. But for those of you who are unlucky, the comments and behavior toward you are cruel. This is more likely when a mild outbreak refuses to clear up, or the outbreak is more severe. Then those whose mouths are bigger than their brains will suggest you have hygiene problems or start treating you as if you have leprosy or some serious contagious disease. This can cause emotional scarring. No matter how you prepare yourself when you leave home every morning, there’s a sense of dread you can never shake off as you approach school or work. It passes beyond self-consciousness. It becomes a fear of being seen in public. Left untreated, this can become social anxiety disorder or, in the worst cases, agoraphobia. (more…)

Getting rid of acne fast

Having acne problems and periodic breakouts can be really stressful for teen. At this age people usually feel like everyone is watching them, and having a bad skin condition will surely be notice. Acne turns into a reason of stress and depression for many teen, who feel ugly and unhappy with their appearance. Things get worse when teenagers start teasing each other for having acne, and for some of them it can turn into a real blow to self confidence. So the teen gets really upset with acne, because it affects the way he or she looks and the peers are making fun of the problem, driving the teen into frustration and depression. (more…)

Acne Bacteria and Treating Acne

The first thing you have to learn about acne is that acne breakouts take place primarily because there’s something wrong in the way our body works. Despite the common belief, bacteria are not responsible for acne breakouts, however they are involved in the process of acne formation. Drugs that help eliminate facial bacteria provide transient results, temporarily reducing the inflammation associated with bacterial activity, but the problem is not resolved in general. In order to fight acne breakouts you have to deal with the problem from the inside. (more…)