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Benefits and Efficacy of Guava for Health

Guava for health benefitsGuava has a fresh look with a yellowish green color and sweet-sour taste, it is very enjoyable as a healthy food. Guava also has many health benefits, most notably the red guava is efficacious to raise the levels of thrombocytes in the blood, Let us refer to benefits and efficacy of guava for health.

Guava for health benefits:

=> Guava is a fruit with high fiber content and it is useful for helping maintain and expedite the process of digestion and metabolism as well as maintains intestinal health.

=> Red guava can help increase the production of red blood cells in the blood, it is very useful to help cure dengue fever (DHF).

=> Guava has high levels of vitamin C, it can help meet the needs of vitamin C in the body.

=> Potassium that is found in guava is useful for maintaining blood pressure and prevents hypertension. Potassium helps your heart beat steadily.

=> Guava also contains vitamin A which is useful for maintaining eye health.

=> Lycopene that is contained in guava is useful as a natural anti-inflammatory.

=> Antioxidant in guava is very beneficial to counteract free radicals and can prevent damage to the body’s cells and prevent the risk of cancer and tumors. It is also useful to help prevent premature aging and can help to maintain healthy skin.

=> Guava fruit is also useful to support the diet program, it can be added into your diet with apples. High fiber in guava able to inflict satiety longer and can withstand excessive hunger.

Once we know the various benefits of guava, certainly we will not hesitate to include it in diet menu for the family. The vitamins and minerals in it are very important to the health of our bodies. Although very useful for health but should still not be exaggerated because the seed is in it can also be one of the causes of appendicitis.

Probably the best way is to make juice and it is filtered so that the seeds do not go inedible. More recommended to consume homemade guava juice to be healthier, guava juice packs that are sold are practical, but have a preservative that can also be detrimental to health.