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Tips For Maximize Cardio Workout Results

workoutTo get an ideal body shape, it is important to do regular exercise. The right type of exercise to burn calories and fat is aerobic or cardio workout. Besides helping the effectiveness of your diet, cardio workout is also beneficial for maintaining heart health. Let’s find out more about cardio workout, as well as the tips for maximize cardio workout results.

What is cardio workout?
Cardio or aerobic workout is physical activity with moderate intensity in the long term. Cardio workout helps maintain the heart health and burn body fat if it is done in appropriate intensity and always consistent.

What is the right frequency?
For the beginners, the frequency of exercise preferably is done 3 times a week. And then, try to increase the frequency of exercise little by little until it reaches 5-6 times a week.

How long to burn fat?
To get the best result, you should do cardio workout more than 20 minutes because after 20 minutes of exercise, the fat in your body will be burned out. At the beginning of cardio workout, the fat has not been used as an energy source. The body will use other sources of energy, it is called glycogen in the muscles.

How to optimal for fat burning?
In order to burn fat, do cardio exercise on fat burning zone. Indication of fat burning zone is if the heart rate reaches 60-80% MHR (MHR = Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – age). You can check on the treadmill screen. Or for convenience, an indication that you have reached this zone is if you still can talk, but have been unable to sing while doing the exercise.

When should I exercise?
You can perform the desired workout schedule, either morning or afternoon. The important thing is to choose a suitable time for you so that it can be done routinely.

What is the right exercise for fat burning?
You can choose the preferred type of exercise. Vary the type of exercise can also be done to avoid the boredom so that you would like to exercise continuously.