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The Symptoms of Heart Disease

heart attackHeart is the most important body parts for humans. Therefore we must always keep our heart health. As we all know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in adults today.

Heart disease can affect anyone. Young and old can also be attacked by heart disease. The cause is an unhealthy lifestyle.

What is heart attack? Heart attack is a condition where the damage occurred on the heart muscle. It is can happens suddenly because the blood supply to the heart muscle is reduce.

Blood supply to the heart is reduced unexpectedly when one of the coronary arteries is blocked for a few moments.

Here are some symptoms of heart disease that are mostly experienced by people:

1. Pain in the chest area, chest pain and tightness while doing the activity because of heart muscle not getting enough blood supply. The pain sometimes comes back and goes away almost every day.

2. Shortness of breath, patients feel shortness of breath while doing activities, generally shortness of breath often experienced in a lying position. This is because the fluid that collects in the lungs flows to the heart.

3. Fatigue (tiredness), weakening the heart muscle causes the process of pumping blood becomes less than perfect. Patients often feel weak and tired though not doing anything.

3. Cardiac Palpitations, heart palpitations are a sign of heart disease. Palpitation symptom usually occurs with other symptoms such as when a person is tired, shortness of breath and chest pain.

The risk of heart disease can be reduced by performing some actions which are:
Stop smoking, lowering blood pressure, reduce weight. To avoid weakening the function of the heart, do regular exercise and do a lot of movements that can trigger heart work more active, consuming fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.