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How to Tighten Loose Skin Without Surgery

facial exerciseSurely everyone wants to have a healthy skin and youthful looks despite her age not young anymore. In this modern era, there are many skincare products that are useful to overcome a variety of skin problems including forehead wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

However, not all skincare products are safe to use to keep your beauty. Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to tighten loose skin without surgery without any side effects for your skin health.

Facial Exercise
One of the possible solutions to prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face are doing facial exercises regularly. How to do facial exercise to remove wrinkles is very easy. You just need a mirror to reflect your own face.

You can use a mirror in the bedroom or bathroom. Then do some facial exercises every day after you wake up in the morning.

* The first movement of facial exercises: Open the mouth wide, widen your eyes while staring at the mirror and normalize the eye back, and move your head from side to side with each move counts as much as five times.

* The second movement of facial exercises: pressing the forehead with your fingers toward the back of the forehead close to the hair. This facial exercise movement is beneficial to get rid of the forehead wrinkles.

* The third movement of facial exercises: open your mouth wide and lower your head backwards direction. Open and shut alternately. Do this movement ten times regularly to reduce wrinkles around the mouth area.

Natural herb
Besides doing some facial exercises, in order to get optimal results you need to use the natural herb to reduce wrinkles naturally.

Natural ingredients that are often used as the basis of traditional nourishing ingredients to tighten the skin are: white egg, one teaspoon of honey, fresh and pure milk. Mix those ingredients, and use for mask. This natural mask can tighten your skin for a dry skin type.

For those of you who have oily skin type, you should use natural mask made of yogurt mix with lime water and cucumber water.

By doing those treatment, slow but sure your skin will feel firmer and smoother.