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How to Prevent Osteoporosis through Diet and Lifestyle

seniorDo you know after 35 years of age, bone materials in the body are missing much more than bone materials that are formed. At this age, the risk of osteoporosis will increase. Within our bodies there is a process of new bone formation and bone destruction that occurs steadily in the bone. Until about the age of 35 years, new bone formation occurs steadily so that the amount is higher than old bone that is destroyed. At about that age, the bones reach maximum strength and density. However, with the increasing of age this will gradually lack.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by low bone mass due to calcium and the bone elements that are reduced so that the bones become fragile, brittle and easily broken. If we observe with X-rays so we will see a lot of holes in patients with osteoporosis due to bone mass is reduced.

Osteoporosis is more widely experienced by seniors, especially at the age of 70 years or older and in women who had menopause and had decreased the amount of estrogen. Osteoporosis in women 4 times higher than in men. Osteoporosis in men mostly because of old age or alcohol. It is because in addition having a smaller skeleton than men, women also experience menopause wherein estrogen levels that affect bone density decreases.

In addition the age factor and menopause, osteoporosis is influenced by several factors such as unhealthy lifestyles. Such as less active or no exercise, low consumption of calcium and vitamin D, smoking and drinking alcohol, soft drinks, drinking excessive caffeine or coffee and too much salty foods may increase the risk of osteoporosis. Other risk factors are heredity, a small bone frame, too thin, low estrogen levels in women and low testosterone in men, suffer from arthritic joints, and women who have ovarian removal.

Prevention is always better than treatment. Therefore, make it a habit of healthy lifestyle by eating foods rich in calcium for strong bones. Here are some tips that you must do to prevent Osteporosis. The following diet and lifestyle can do to prevent osteoporosis:

•> Make a habit of consuming high-calcium milk and low fat yogurt, cheese, broccoli, spinach, canned sardines, oysters, as well as soybeans and processed products such as tempeh and tofu as a source of calcium. Soy is very good, especially for women, because they contain natural estrogens (phytoestrogens) that are needed at the time of menopause.

•> Do not forget to eat other nuts as a source of phosphorus, food high in vitamin D such as dark green leafy vegetables. Our body should also get enough sunshine in the morning at least 15 minutes as a source of vitamin D, because this vitamin is needed for calcium absorption.

•> Avoid excessive coffee drinking because it can remove excess calcium. Also reduce the soft drink because it can inhibit calcium absorption.

•> Limit consumption of red meat and salt or salty foods.

•> Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes because it can absorb the calcium in the body.

•> Perform regular exercise as well to strengthen bones and muscles.

From now on you should apply healthy lifestyle, enrich your calcium in the body so you will be free from Osteoporosis.