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How to Prevent Diabetes Complications

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor will usually recommend that you re-arrange the right diet and exercise regularly.

However, common people with diabetes are directly doing heavy exercise in hopes of pressing the blood sugar levels. Though activities such sudden it can actually be bad for health conditions

American Diabetes Association (ADA) warned that you do not make drastic changes to the daily routine. Which is often confusing, from where you start the change.

Here are some suggestions for diabetics as recommended by the ADA:

1. Perform light exercise with a time to suit your ability. It will only make your goals more easily attainable.

2. Acknowledge if you have some bad habits and have to change it. Ask for help from family, friends and medical experts, if you need.

3. Set goals that can motivate. For example, you want to stay healthy to be with your grandchildren.

4. Create a priority on any changes. Achieve goals that you feel comfortable to step before reaching the other goals.

5. Observe how much the impact of these changes.

6. Setting goals also include plans that you will do how quickly you can achieve it and how to do it in your routine everyday.