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How to Prevent Acne Coming Back

picture of acne on girl faceAs a teen you surely have experienced with acne. Yes, acne and teens are two things that are inseparable. Acne that appears on the face often makes teenagers less confident. Almost every time they take the mirror to see the acne on their face. Sometimes not only see but their hands are itching and want to push it here and push it here. Squeeze the pimples actually make the acne getting worse if you do not know the trick.

There are a lot of good advices given by a friend and dermatologist about how to treat acne. In addition, many anti-acne products that can be found on television or clearly displayed in teen magazines. Acne soap and cream are two types of products for acne that most appeared on television. All of them offer instant way to get rid of acne from the face. But if you want to permanently clean from acne, prevent the appearance of acne on your face is more important.

For that I have tips on how to prevent acne coming back:

* Keep your cleanliness of your face, diligently wash your face with soap that suits your skin.

* Do not be lazy to exercise or physical activity, which can make the body sweating. By sweating the toxins in the body is also dissolved with perspiration.

* Drinking water. It seems trivial, but drinking lots of water is proven be able to treat and prevent acne even other serious diseases can be cured. Water in the body’s metabolic system is like a solvent that dissolves all sorts of toxic substances in the body that settles. When the organs of the body are ‘washed’ it is certainly organs in our body will be clean.

*Stay away from stress because stress is the source of acne triggers.

Although it has been cured, but usually acne scars will leave black stains or pocked like coral island in the face. Treatment with bleach cream is a solution how to remove acne scars although it’s hard to get back smooth as before. Laser therapy is also capable of removing acne scars, but of course expensive. Natural ways to remove acne scars with sandalwood powder can be an alternative. The trick is to make sandalwood paste. Apply the paste of sandalwood powder to the acne scars and left overnight. Rinse with clean water in the morning. If perform that treatment routinely, the acne scars will be reduced gradually and finally the face looks clean and smooth.