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How to Overcome Dehydration in Children

little girl is drinking a milkThe main action that you must do to overcome dehydration in children is as soon as possible replace the body fluids that much out. Do this by giving the child water to drink as much as possible.

You can give your little one a liquid such as fresh water, fruit juices, soup, ice cream, or any other liquid. The important thing, give the type of fluid according to the child’s health condition. For example, if he has a cold, do not give ice cream.

When should go to the doctor? When the child diarrhea and vomiting. If he has diarrhea and always spewing liquids that you give, so his body will stay dehydrated. Surely this situation should not be allowed for a long time. Usually, doctors will replace the child’s body fluids through the infusion.

Tips to avoid dehydration
Preventing is always better than cure. Here are some things you can do to avoid dehydration in children.

1. Familiarize your kids to drink regularly every day, especially when the children are doing many activities. Fluids that is consumed should be set to vary.

2. Children should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You can give some kinds of liquid, such as fruit juices, fresh fruits, soups, and others.

3. Give your kids drinks before they start their activity, like playing in the yard.

4. Stay give drink to the them, even though they are not very thirsty.

5. Do not give the child a drink containing caffeine, such as iced tea and soft drinks, especially when the he is being active and a lot of sweat. Why? Caffeine can increase the burden of blood flow. As a result, the blood was so thick and reduce sweat production.

6. When the weather is hot, stop the child’s activity for a moment. If possible, do it for a couple of times. While resting in a cool, let the child taking a variety of fluids.