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Easy Steps To Stop Smoking

stop smoking tipsWe all know that smoking is harmful for health. Indirectly, the cigarettes are not only killing yourself but also other people who passively inhale your cigarette smoke around you.

Some medical experts even said that a cigarette is including the types of drugs because it can lead to addiction as well as the addictive substances and toxic materials in it. Smoking is also a trigger for teens to know the drug. From a research, most drug users are also addicted to cigarettes.

If you are addicted to cigarettes and want to quit smoking, there are simple steps that will be discussed. One thing to remember is your commitment in running these efforts.

These are simple steps to stop smoking:

1. A truly intention and motivation
It is obviously important. Everything is based on the intention and determination to be successful. Try to make a list of reasons why you should quit smoking. The personal reasons and emotional impression are usually more motivating than factual reasons. For example, if you smoke, it will cause mouth odor and lack confidence around other people. This reason is much more “hit” rather than health reasons.

2. When you go through the process to leave the smoking habit, change your brand of cigarettes. Buy cigarettes that you think are not good. So the pleasure of smoking is reduced until it is your turn to be sick to smoke.

3. Keep away all items are related to cigarette such as ashtrays, lighters. And change the smoking habit with chewing, eating sunflower seeds or gnawing on a toothpick. Exercise can also makes you forget about your cigarettes for a moment.

4. Give a reward for yourself if you had not smoked for a period of time. For example, during the 10 days you succeed no smoking at all. The cost of cigarettes for ten days is certainly can be collected to buy interesting gifts.

5. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and even all the people. Tell them that you quit smoking. Ask them to support and motivate your efforts.

6. The final way is to visit your doctor for proper treatment in order to quit smoking.