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How to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

hemorrhoidsHemorrhoid is a disease that is very disturbing and painful, it really makes discomfort when you do the daily activities. So you definitely want to recover from hemorrhoids.

There are various treatments for hemorrhoids such as removal through surgery, using special ointment or by using natural therapies.

Here are tips that can help you to heal hemorrhoids:

1. When experiencing pain, the first way to ease the pain is by using ice cubes. Compress the surface of hemorrhoids with ice cubes.

2. Using apple cider vinegar can help relieve the itching of hemorrhoids and it also efficacious to shrink the swollen blood vessels.

3. Surely most people knew that garlic has many benefits. By smoothing the garlic and apply it on the hemorrhoids, it can be a potent anti-septic. Before performing the treatment you should clean around the hemorrhoids area.

4. Xanthones compounds that exist in the skin of the mangosteen fruit are believed able to cure hemorrhoids. The efficacies of Xanthones are it can be anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial so it is very good for people with hemorrhoids.

One thing need to be considered in the treatment of hemorrhoids is keep the rectum surface remains sterile. Good Luck!