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Behind the Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive OilOlive oil has many uses. Not just for cooking, olive oil also has an important contribution to women’s health.

A professor from Harvard investigates the relationship between the amounts of olive oil consumption with the growth of breast cancer. He said that olive oil contains vitamin E, which is useful to destroy cancer triggers cells.

Its function is also used to cleanse the sensitive skin because it can recover the skin. It is also useful to moisturize dry skin and prevent premature aging. To avoid dry and chapped skin, rub olive oil on the rough skin like heels and elbows.

Many people and beauty experts believe that the best moisturizer is a moisturizer that contains olive oil. This oil is also widely used as massage oil and body scrubs. Besides moisturizing, olive oil can also improve blood circulation. The typical scent of olive oil makes you become more relaxed.

Since the function which moisturizes many people think to use it as a remedy to overcome split ends. But you should be careful because olive oil is very difficult to clean with a water rinse. If you have a problem with dry hair and split ends, you should just use conditioner to care.