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Knowing the Normal Heart Rate for Men

The heart is a vital organ and it is the last protection for life other than the brain. Beats in the heart can’t be controlled by humans. What is the actual average normal heart rate?

The average normal heart rate can be determined in two ways, manual and electronic. At this time, sports athletes and enthusiasts can use the measuring device or an electronic heart rate monitor that they wear during exercise. Without these tools it seems difficult to measure your exercise heart rate accurately. You might consider Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor to know your heart rate. Besides, you can do it manually, which means you should stop running to measure heart rate by placing your fingers on your wrist. This method can however be inefficient and inaccurate.

Heart rate usually refers to the amount of time needed by the heart rate per unit time, is generally represented as bpm (beats per minute).

Optimal heart rate for each individual is different depending on when the measurement is taken (at rest or after exercise). Variations in heart rate usually occur in accordance with the amount of oxygen needed by the body at that time.

For healthy adult, while resting normal heart rate is around 60-100 beats per minute (bpm). If you found a lower heart rate when at rest, generally indicates a more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular.

There are many factors that can affect someone heart rate, physical activity, the surrounding air temperature, body position (lying down or standing), the emotion level, body size and the drug is being consumed.

Someone heart rate is also influenced by age and activity. Sport or physical activity can increase the number of heartbeats. Although the rates are varies, but too high heart rate or too low heart rate may indicate a fundamental problem. Talk to your doctor if your beat is always higher than 100 bpm or under 60 bpm, mainly if accompanied by additional symptoms such as dizziness, collapse or shortness of breath.

To get the maximum heart rate is done by reducing the number 220 with age. For example someone with the age 40 years old, the maximum number is 180 bpm.

By doing this simple test, someone can find out if his heart rate is normal or not. It is also useful as an initial diagnosis of the presence or absence of interference cardiovascular.