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Overcome Constipation with Pear

pearPear is one of the most hypoallergenic foods and does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, pear puree is often recommended to be given to babies as introduction to fruit-flavored.

Nutrient: Potassium, fiber, pectin, vitamin C.

Benefits of pear:
Pears are source of vitamin C, although to obtain adequate intake for adults takes 5-6 medium-size fruit. Pears are also high in fiber. Fiber called pectin in pears also help overcome constipation. Fiber is useful in the intestines to help bind the salt and throw it away. In the end, the body will wake up cholesterol levels. Also potassium in pears very useful to help maintain blood pressure.

Remember: Peeled pears are oxidized quickly, so the pulp color will change to brown. To avoid this, try applying lemon juice to the pear that have been peeled.