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Cucumber Makes Your Skin Smooth

cucumberSurely all women want to look beautiful and charming. Beauty of women one of them can be seen from their skin. One thing that makes our skin smooth is the adequacy of liquid. Especially if that liquid contains vitamins and minerals that are good for skin.

Cucumber skin is a very important part because it contains many minerals, including silica. Therefore, when you consume cucumber, you should not peel the skin, but enough to be washed with clean water that flows.

You can combine cucumber with other ingredients to get a special juice cuisine and sure enough it will make you skin healthy, soft and shiny.

Carrot cucumber juice
1 large cucumber fruit (3 small pieces)
1 carrot pieces same size
2 celery stem
1 apple fruit (any type)
1 little ginger
How to create:
After all the ingredients to be washed and cut, use the Juicer to take essence. Pour into a glass, ready to be drunk.

Cucumber Bengkoang juice
1 large cucumber fruit
1 medium size fruit bengkoang
10 strawberry fruit
How to create:
peel Bengkoang, and wash. Cucumber and strawberry to be washed clean. Cut all the ingredient necessary. Put into the Juicer items, and then pour into glass. Ready to be served

Cucumber watermelon juice
1 large cucumber fruit
1 cup watermelon pieces (including the white part)
1 carrot

How to create:
After the cucumber and carrot to be washed and cut into pieces, put into the Juicer. And then the watermelon put into the juicer. Prepare the glass, pour juice, ready to be drunk.