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For Seniors Who Want to Live Independently

There are lots of senior people, despite of their conditions, are choosing to live independently. For those people, living in nursing home isn’t a good option. They want to maintain their life in their own home without bothering any of their relatives.

However, we need to understand that senior people is no longer like they’re used to be. With their age, their health condition has been declining and they are very vulnerable for several health problems that could be fatal. For those with good financial condition, they could buy home emergency response system and installed it in their home to make sure that they could get immediate assistance for emergency condition. But this system isn’t cheap and even so sophisticated that make it difficult to use. Much affordable and easy to use personal emergency response systems have been developed to meet the ever growing demand.

Present personal emergency response system is designed to be compact that it could be used as necklace pendant. Using advanced technology, this device could detect unusual condition such as when the user fall down and won’t wake up. It would send alarm signal to the response center. The device also has memory slot to store medical record and emergency contact.