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How to get rid of acne?

Any person who has ever experienced acne breakouts will tell you that it’s a very unpleasant experience. And not just because the inflammation in the skin can be very irritating and discomforting. We all are used to the fact that looks are an essential part of a person’s success and this is especially important for teens and young adults who are more emotionally vulnerable than older persons. So when a young person experiences acne breakouts this can seriously affect their social activity and acceptance in groups. You don’t see people with acne problems being too active and playing leading roles in different events. That’s because most of them feel discomfort because of their looks and tend to devote less time to communication and social activity. And this may have serious consequences later on.

So, the logic question is whether there can be something done about acne and what are the means of dealing with the problem effectively? Fortunately for people with acne there are different solutions to the problem that can be used in different situations effectively. So let’s take a short overview of the most commonly used anti-acne solutions.

You have definitely seen numerous anti-acne solution ads in magazines, on TV, the web or in drugstores. Topical cremes, gels and balms that are claimed to be very effective against acne. Fact is that most of these cosmetic solutions can really be effective against certain types of acne to a different extent. A large part of these gels and cremes are sold over the counter and don’t require a doctor to tell you how to use them. However, in more severe cases these solutions can be rather ineffective or even cause additional irritation.

In more serious cases of acne breakouts when typical balms and gels can’t help much it’s recommended that you address a dermatologist. There will be certain analysis taken in order to determine the actual cause of the problem and there may be different solutions prescribed. First of all, antibiotics may be applied both topically and internally in order to eliminate the bacterial infection that’s causing inflammation and consequent acne breakouts. Your doctor may also suggest specific dietary measures (eating less fat, sweets and spicy foods) or even refer you to a gastrologist for further investigation because severe skin conditions are often linked to gastrointestinal conditions.

And if none of these measures don’t help there’s one last solution that is used only in the most severe cases. This drug is called Accutane and it’s really effective for treating severe acne. Acne regulates the activity of oil glands in the skin and eliminates one of the key elements for acne development. However, Accutane is a very potent drug and should only be used under professional supervision. That is why it is only used in cases when all other solutions have already been tried and proved to be ineffective.

So don’t get down if acne is affecting your skin. There’s always a solution you can try to make your problem go away. You only have to take the time and try some of them to see which one works best for you. Or, better, address a doctor to find the right solution together.