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Eating healthy can help you overcome inflammation

There are many things that can lead to inflammatory processes in the body. The most common factors are tissue damage and infections, which are often combined in various conditions. Genetic factors play an important role as well because many inflammatory conditions such as arthritis are known to pass through generations. Things that you eat and the overall hygiene are also crucial when determining the causes of inflammation, since you may raise the risk of suffering from inflammation due to poor regimen and bacterial activity in the body. And don’t forget the environment in general, with so many potent inflammatory agents found in the air, water and soil.

If speaking about a specific diet, there are many foods known to provoke inflammation. Products like sugar, saturated fats, and certain oils that are widely spread in fast and processed foods. So the first word of advice to those willing to minimize the risk of inflammation is to avoid any junk food, soft drinks and candy.

And just as there are foods that provoke inflammation, there are also products that are known to decrease it and act positively on your body. These kinds of foods are recommended for inclusion in your everyday regimen at normal doses. Because overeating even such harmless foods may lead to unpleasant effects and reactions. Being moderate is the key to good health.

Some things you can find on your plate can actually be as effective as a pill of Prednisone against inflammation. The most effective anti-inflammatory substances found in the food are Curcumin, Bromelian, Omega 3 fatty acids, Capsacain, and Gingerols. The most common sources of these substances include ginger, turmeric, chili peppers and spices.

Here are some of the most beneficial foods you should have on your table if you want to keep inflammation under control in an all-natural fashion:

1. Fruits, especially apples and cherries are rich with Quercetin, which is very effective against inflammatory processes.

2. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale may not be the tastiest things in your plate but they will surely help you calm down any inflammation without the help of drugs like Prednisone.

3. Onions and garlic are definitely not the best choice of flavor when it comes to good breath, but they are certainly helpful for fighting inflammatory conditions. Besides being high at Quercetin, which helps fight inflammation, onions and garlic also have strong antiseptic and painkiller properties that make them quite helpful in a wide range of health conditions.

4. Pineapples are quite high on Bromelain, which makes them a great tasty solution for getting rid of inflammation. Besides, pineapples help burn more fat and that will certainly appeal to those looking to shed off some pounds.

5. Omega 3 Oils are found in high concentrations in fish oil, especially produced from fish like salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel. Fish oil is in general a very good product that acts beneficially on many aspects of our health, so including it into the regimen will be a very good dietary decision.

By including these foods into your diet you will be able to keep inflammation at bay and minimize its risk. However, if inflammation gets really bad you should go to your doctor and think about using Prednisone for a better effect.