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The Most Popular Weight-loss Diets

Have you noticed that there are lots of dieters, but even more diets? That’s because they are too difficult to stay on and, when you go off, the weight all comes back, plus some. The best diets then are the ones that utilize realistic principles for weight-loss and health! These are things that will serve you well throughout your life. Let’s see how the most popular ones stack up.

The Zone Diet
Dr Sears, the creator of the diet, says that the human body functions best when taking in a ratio of 40% of calories from carbohydrates, 30% of calories from protein, and 30% of calories from fats. 40% carbs is a lot less than the average diet, so we can say this is a Low-Carb Diet. The Zone also tries to get you to eat foods lower on the Glycemic Index so that you will store less calories as fat.
Another main point of the diet is to eat lots of meat-this is a potential health problem, so we will address this later.

South Beach Diet
Out with the bad foods and in with the good. Simple carbohydrates and “bad” fats are to be avoided while you eat more complex foods, like whole grains, beans, nuts, and raw vegetables. Eating only complex sugars will allow you to feel at a more even hunger level throughout the day. You can control your intake better!
It also has three phases: an intense weight-loss phase, a gradual one that continues until you are at your ideal weight, and then a maintenance level.
This is not a Low-Carb Diet; rather, it is about controlling your blood-glucose levels.

Skinny Bitch Diet
This is the ultimate principles diet.

  1. No cane sugar or artificial sweeteners (natural sweeteners like beet sugar and brown rice syrup are okay).
  2. Whole grains and brown rice, not white bread, white flour products, and white rice.
  3. Get rid of meat and dairy. [Animal products make the body retain weight and are bad for your health]
  4. Focus on quality, not just quantity (but don’t eat 5000 calories a day!)
  5. Zone will make you lose fat, but all that meat isn’t healthy. It’s a gimmick.
  6. Not just Low-Carb; get complex carbs if you don’t want to be hungry all day
  7. Focus on your habits. Skinny Bitch is best for this.

This one sounds hard, but it is just as easy as any other diet. In fact, limit your options by cutting out whole categories of food like sugars and animal products makes it a lot easier to plan a meal. It will leave you by far the healthiest.

A healthy body will also be naturally slimmer and easier to maintain than an unhealthy body. Focusing on appearance is confusing the symptom with the disease. Try to get healthy and fit and the good looks will follow. If you are overweight or obese and you need some help, talk to your doctor about Acomplia. Acomplia will make it easier to control your appetite and diet. When using Acomplia, it is important to follow a diet that will ensure you get all the necessary nutrients as well.