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Want to Sleep? End Insomnia Permanently!

There are plenty of remedies out there for insomnia. However, we have to recognize that the inability to sleep is a chronic condition, not a temporary state. While it is important to get some rest every night, you can’t stay on sleep medicine forever. It just isn’t good long-term. What you have to do is treat the underlying condition.

While it’s easy to say we need to change our habits or exercise or reduce our stress, it’s much harder to do in practice. So how do you go about ending insomnia for good?

Below you can find solutions to some of the most common causes of insomnia and learn how to get a little extra help, easily and cheaply.

Stress – While it’s not easy to eliminate stressors from our life, we can learn how to cope with stress better. There are various techniques, such as the infamous counting method, that help us manage. Having someone to vent to is probably the best method, but some of the more far out things like Laughter Therapy are proving to be even more effective.

Anxiety – Normal life anxiety, such as dreading a test or meeting the next day, can stop you from getting to sleep, but regular occurrence could really be an anxiety disorder, which medicine and psychology can treat!

Depression – Chemical imbalances in the brain can make it so you can’t sleep or oversleep. Clinical depression is best treated by a psychiatrist, but eating right and exercising for 20 minutes every day has proved to be as effective as drugs.

Side Effects of Medication – A lot of medications, including some antidepressants, allergy, and blood pressure medications, interfere with sleep. Over-the-counter drugs are not excluded. Many painkillers use caffeine as an ingredient.

In some cases, a doctor might supplement your medication with something to help you sleep. Or, you can see if it would be possible to take the medicine earlier in the day so that it won’t affect you at night.

Caffeine and Nicotine – Smoking or drinking tea, soda, and coffee stimulates the body so that it is harder to fall asleep and really difficult to stay asleep. You also won’t be able to reach the deep stages of sleep that you need to feel rested. Try to avoid these stimulants for 6 hours before bedtime.

Alcohol – Drinking alcohol might make you fall asleep initially, but once you are there your quality of sleep is just ruined. Habitual use can develop into a very bad insomnia problem. Don’t use it for sleep.

Habits – Watching TV or looking at a computer screen before bed will keep you awake. Don’t eat late. And for the love of dogs maintain a regular sleep pattern. Hit the hay and wake up at the same time. Every day. No matter what. Oh, and exercise!

If you want to fix your insomnia, you can get some help from Ambien. Make your sleep regular by getting in bed every night, taking Ambien just before, and forcing yourself to stay awake starting the same time every day. You need to fix your circadian rhythms; Ambien can make it easier.