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Cool New Diets vs/with Phentermine

Who hasn’t at least thought about going on a diet let alone tried 20 different ones in their life? Diets come and go, all promising to give you that waistline you’ve always desired, or maybe the one you used to have when you were younger. All of these diets seem tempting and it’s so hard to know which ones actually work and which ones are in reality bad for your health. Well, a number of nutrition specialists have come out with a popular diets. Let’s examine some of them.

The Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet consists of four phases, starting with “Induction” where you drop to a low net carbohydrate intake of 20 carbs a day. All of this is to come from vegetables and similar food sources while you avoid the starches and traditional carbs. They also encourage you to consume a lot of meat for protein, which is not a healthy choice. Proteins can be found in a variety of foods (beans, whole grains, nuts, especially Soy). They don’t tell you to cut the fat. In fact, they tell you to pour on the oil or put a tab of butter onto those vegetables. Furthermore, they don’t tell you to watch the salt-this is horrible for your blood pressure! Seems that, although the Atkins Diet people claim that benefits include improvement in risk factors for heart disease and hypertension, a diet high in meat, salt, and fats would have the opposite effect.

The Zone Diet
This diet goes on and on about “silent inflammation” as the cause of being overweight and staying that way. It also suggests that we think of food as a hormone control system rather than a calorie source. It follows the same tenet of limiting your carb intake, but this one has a specified ratio for what you eat: 40% protein, 40% fat, and 30% carbs. Again you might be surprised at how high the fat intake allowance is for this diet. While it may be true that raised blood sugars from eating simple carbohydrates is bad, I don’t know if it makes eating all that fat okay (think about your cholesterol!).

What’s the deal with Carbs?
The reason so many diets focus on carbohydrate intake is because as carbohydrates come into the body, our liver produces insulin to metabolize the sugar. Insulin takes the excess sugar and stores it as fat. Eating non-carbohydrates does not mean that we will not store fat though.

Focus on eating complex carbohydrates instead. These are not so quickly stored as fat and make you feel full longer.

Some Proven Help
Diets may be fads as far as the layman knows, so isn’t it great when you can count on something real that’s been clinically tested? Well now you can. Phentermine is a drug designed to do what you want-help you lose weight. It suppresses the appetite and gives you the ability to make wise eating decisions. We should always combine a healthy diet with taking Phentermine to maximize weight-loss ability and to feel our best. And exercise is another important component for our health and a better mental state. Talk to your doctor about diets.