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How to Get Migraine Relief

Everybody knows what migraine headaches are, or know someone that suffers from them. The fact is that while we may have a general idea on just how debilitating this condition can be, we don’t know the actual facts. Would you believe that one in four Americans, mostly women, are suffering from a migraine headache right now? The effects of migraines are not just seen in your quality of life, the entire country is feeling it. Migraines cost this country 112 million work days a year, and employers over $13 billion dollars annually in sick days and work health care costs. This is because the average migraine sufferer experiences 35 attacks annually, and it just knocks them right out. So if you can’t afford to miss any more work because of those nasty headaches, read on to find out more about your headache, and how to treat it effectively.

Most migraine sufferers know of what they refer to as a “trigger”. This could be anything from an extreme weather change, to red wine, chocolate, fatigue, stress, or any number of factors. What happens when you come across one of your headache triggers is a change in circulation in your brain. A migraine is caused by the enlarging of the blood vessels in your head whenever you have one of those trigger moments. When your blood vessels enlarge, your brain will release neurochemicals that will then coil around the larger arteries in your brain. The end result is inflammation, pain, increased artery size, and a big ol’ headache. If you are a migraine sufferer, staying away from your trigger points will be a key element in prevention. But if one of those trigger points is extreme weather or a lifestyle factor, more often than not you just won’t be able to avoid it.

Typically migraine headaches last up to 72 hours, and even longer for some people. Typically treatment involves with migraine medication that will target those blood vessels and allow for constriction to relieve the pressure in your head. Unfortunately some meds will work and some won’t, and they can be very expensive. Very often the treatment of choice for migraine sufferers is pain management medication with over the counter migraine medication, narcotic pain medication, or treatments such as Ultram. Those that don’t find too much disruption in life with their headaches will be able to use over the counter analgesics and anti-inflammatories to target the blood vessels in their brain. When quality of life is impacted severely, the stronger prescriptions are recommended in order to get you back to work and life as soon as possible.

For millions of Americans narcotic pain medication has become the treatment of choice for migraine headaches. This method is effectively treating the condition, but is not doing much for the work force statistics, and is also creating another epidemic – addiction. If you are looking for a well tolerated, non addictive medication for your migraines, you will find treatment such as Ultram extremely effective in maintaining the quality of life you need, that is pain free.

You may also want to examine alternative methods or non medicinal routes of treatment in conjunction with your migraine medication or Ultram treatment. Relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation are very effective while you are resting on medication, lighting a calming scented candle, and using hot or cold packs (depending on your preference) will also be an additional soothing resource when you are suffering from migraines. No matter what treatment method you choose, what you need to know is that your life does not need to be put on hold. Migraine relief is closer than you think!