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Getting rid of acne fast

Having acne problems and periodic breakouts can be really stressful for teen. At this age people usually feel like everyone is watching them, and having a bad skin condition will surely be notice. Acne turns into a reason of stress and depression for many teen, who feel ugly and unhappy with their appearance. Things get worse when teenagers start teasing each other for having acne, and for some of them it can turn into a real blow to self confidence. So the teen gets really upset with acne, because it affects the way he or she looks and the peers are making fun of the problem, driving the teen into frustration and depression.

The problem is that many teens who sufferfrom acne simply don’t know how to deal with it. The most obvious and common solution is to go with the TV ads and hope that they are as effective in reality. But after some time, they realize that these lotions and gels don’t work at all and get even more desperate. Some teens smart up and visit a professional dermatologist for a course of prescription medications. However, the catch is that these drugs don’t work for everyone and it usually takes some time before any effects are observed.

Still, if you want to get rid of acne in a simple way without using magical lotions or prescription medications, there are helpful tips on how to do that. Just try to follow these tips every day and you will soon observe that your skin will get much better:

Drink a lot of water every day.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of simple water a day will help hydrate your skin and get rid of acne very fast. Increased amounts of water are very beneficial in general, and by doing this you will improve the condition of your skin, preventing acne breakouts and helping the actual pimples to wear off faster.


This solution is very old, yet very effective for treating acne. Just rub the toothpaste gently into the acne before going to bed and wash it off when you’re awake in the morning. It will help shrink the pimple and reduce inflammation in the pores.

Start eating healthy

Junk food is the primary cause for numerous health problems and acne is not an exception. Fast food is usually rich with saturated sugar and oily fat that are very bad for the skin. Eating a lot of junk food will affect the work of oil glands in your skin, and you will get to the point where only drugs like Accutane can help.

If following these tips doesn’t give you any results, then your problem could be very serious and you will require the help of a professional dermatologist. In case of severe acne you will be prescribed with Accutane, which is the most effective medication for getting rid of serious acne problems. However, it’s the last resort and if you observe improvements by following these basic tips then you definitely don’t need drugs like Accutane to deal with the problem.