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When Tramadol is not enough, is a bullet the answer?

Among the spineless liberals, there’s always worry about the number of people walking around with guns. Thank God for the NRA being in support of the right of all citizens being allowed to be armed to the teeth just in case there’s a call to join a militia. We can all sleep safer in our beds. And as a perfect example of how to approach problem-solving with the help of a gun, we can’t do better than travel over to Michigan. So here comes the facts. Kathy lost her job. It was nothing exciting. Just disposing of hazardous waste. Then, about a month ago, one of her dogs took her by surprise and, with an unexpected lunge, seriously damaged her shoulder. There was just one problem. With the loss of her job, she had lost her health insurance. So what does a practical woman do when she can’t afford the treatment and she’s in severe pain?

Well, Kathy was staying with her in-laws and, as is the way of folk in small towns, they were the proud owners of some guns. As Kathy put it, the emergency room needs to see a life-threatening situation, so she decided to give them one. With impressive bravery, she took a gun and shot herself in her already injured shoulder. When the deed was done, her mother-in-law called in a shooting and the ambulance came. As she was spirited off to hospital, the police joined up the dots and concluded a self-inflicted wound.

Given the continuing opposition of the GOP to the reforms now called Obamacare, it should come as a shock to see one of the more than one million uninsured in Michigan resorting to bullets to get medical treatment. What are people to do when the pain is too severe for Tramadol on its own to bring relief? This is not a suicide attempt. This is a protest against a healthcare service that will only fix uninsured people if there’s a real emergency. Surely, in a civilized society, no one should be driven to such extreme measures. Worse, of course, is the threat she may also be prosecuted for shooting herself. That really would add insult to injury.

So there we have it. When the routine painkillers like Tramadol are just not strong enough to deaden the pain, desperation sets in. Perhaps we should look to excuse her because of the pain. People don’t always act quite so rationally when in pain. Or perhaps we should say she’s courageous and prepared to let nothing stand in the way of getting treatment. Whichever, the reality is she’s had the bullet removed and is now lined up for surgery on the damaged shoulder. While she’s waiting for the dust to settle, the hospital has said it will talk terms on installment payments, and has given her some free Tramadol to manage the pain. This is all better news for her even though the drugs may not be strong enough. We will just have to hope the pain does ease. Now the $64,000 question. If you were uninsured and in pain, how far would you go to get treatment? Kathy turned the gun on herself. Perhaps she should have committed a crime like robbery. People awaiting trial in custody are entitled to free treatment. What’s your answer?