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Benzoyl peroxide vs. Accutane for acne treatment

Ask anybody about an remedy acne and they are most likely to mention is benzoyl peroxide. N matter whether it’s by name or by product because, when it comes to the over-the-counter market, this is benzoyl peroxide which is the most common of the active ingredients in the popular cleansers, lotions and gels. As the over-the-counter boom in treatments for acne began, the race has been on to find the cheapest way of solving the problem. The power of the condition to inflict a nightmare on even the toughest mind, many parents have been desperate to find a cure. If the most effective is also the cheapest, this is a big bonus, of course.

The fact is that propionibacteria acnes (the bacteria causing acne) cannot exist in an environment where there’s too much oxygen. so, under normal circumstances, this bacteria is no problem. Living on the skin and in the pores which are fully exposed to the air, they never grow to be a real threat. But from the moment excess oil fills the pores and the dead cells are trapped inside, the environment become anaerobic or oxygen poor. This is the ideal environment for explosive growth. Benzoyl peroxide is the perfect counter because it opens the pores and allows more oxygen to enter. There’s no need to pay extra and buy a packaged product. The basic “chemical” as a lotion of about 2.5% usually works best. Anything stronger can irritate the skin. If you prefer, you can start off at a lower strength and then move up to 2.5% if the first results are disappointing after the first two weeks.

The easiest and good approach is cleansing the whole face twice a day. Without dabbing the lotion on the spots spread a thin layer over all skin. This removes the dead skin and acts as a spot preventer across all the skin cleaned. As benzoyl peroxide is a bleach, be accurate to not get it on your clothes or a towel. If you wish to clean the skin on your shoulders or back, the best is perhaps to wear an old T-shirt unless you are confident you have removed all of it before you dress. When going to bed at night after using the benzoyl peroxide, it might also bleach your pillow and sheets. , Also a good idea to apply a moisturizer after application – to prevent your skin from drying out.

Several combinations of the cure are on the market. As the result of latest research, benzoyl peroxide on its own at different strengths is matched against combinations with salicylic acid and clindamycin. For about four weeks, the combination with salicylic acid produced the best results. Thought after ten to twelve weeks, there was no real difference between benzoyl peroxide on its own and either of the two combinations. If your acne is more severe and the over-the-counter products prove little effectiveness, the guaranteed treatment is Accutane. Here, In men, there is no problem. But, for women able to produce children, Accutane needs great care. As you may know, the some of its ingredients are dangerous for the fetus during pregnancy. In America, the formal approach is the iPledge programm – Accutane can be only used when there is proof you are take at least two contraceptive measures. Although this may seem intrusive, it’s better to take precautions and lose the acne, not the baby. You can avoid this regime by buying online. So it’s for you to choose between benzoyl peroxide and Accutane.