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Skelaxin and other muscle relaxants explained

Muscle relaxant drugs usually come with doctor’s prescription and are employed for relieving muscle spasm and muscular pain. These symptoms usually occur as signs of other conditions such as arthritis, chronic diseases or can be the aftermath of injuries. Muscle pain and spasms can also be caused by the over-use of certain muscles like in case of over-exercising by athletes. Certain muscle relaxant drugs are very powerful and have addictive properties, that’s why they are mostly issues with a prescription and are controlled by the FDA. Like with any other prescription drugs there may be side effects occurring with the use of muscle relaxants, however they are not as common as with some other types of drugs, especially painkillers.

Muscle relaxants, as you may guess from the name, work by relaxing the muscles and relieving the pain associated with constant tension of different muscle groups. They are quite often prescribed for treating and relieving such degenerative conditions as arthritis or direct muscle injury. However, most doctors prescribe these drugs in conjunction with physical therapy in order to assure prompt treatment. The most commonly prescribed muscle relaxant drugs include carisoprodol, diazepam and cyclobenzaprine.

Types of muscle relaxant drugs


Soma is muscle relaxant available only through prescription that has carisoprodol as its main active element. In most cases the drug is prescribed to be taken three or four times daily regardless of meals. Pregnant or nursing mothers are forbidden to take the medication as it has potential hazard for the baby. The most common side effects observed with the use of Soma include such symptoms as increased heart rate, drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting and indigestion.


Valium is usually prescribed for treating anxiety disorders, however many physicians also prescribe it for relieving muscle spasms and pain due to its sedative and relaxing effects. It is also known to help with sleep disorders and depression. The effectiveness of Valium is usually decreased with the use of nicotine. The most common side effects reported with the use of this drug include dizziness, decrease of sex drive, diarrhea, indigestion and dry mouth.


Skelaxin is prescription muscle relaxant medication that is based on metaxalone as its main active ingredient. In most cases patients are prescribed with a single pill three times daily to achieve the desired effect, Patients with liver, kidney or heart problems are advised to not buy Skelaxin. The most common side effects observed with the use of this drug include dizziness, indigestion, headache, drowsiness and change in mood. If you have yellow skin, abnormal bleeding or bruising, or convulsion when using Skelaxin you should stop taking the drug and seek medical assistance immediately.


Flexeril is muscle relaxant available only through a prescription that is based on cyclobenzaprine as its main component. Doctors usually prescribe taking it two to four times daily. Patients who suffer from heart problems, glaucoma, abnormal urination, or an overactive thyroid are recommended to not use Flexeril. Common side effects that may be experienced with Flexeril include such symptoms as dizziness, dry mouth drowsiness, and indigestion. In case you experience chest pain, odd heartbeat, fever or seizure you should stop taking the medication and seek for medical assistance immediately.