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Phentermine and low-carb diets

Many people have an unscientific approach to dieting. They see the headline: “Lose one pound a week if you cut your food intake by 500 calories a day”. Without much thought, they sign up because 500 calories does not sound very many calories to lose and one pound lost every week is a good reward to aim for. So then they start asking the important questions like, “What is a calorie?” and “How do you measure the number of calories?” This can finish a few people’s interest before they start. Some will just assume they can guess and it will all turn out right if they eat less. It takes slightly more commitment to make it to the final stage which is menu planning. Why plan menus? Because one of the problems of many diets is they get boring unless you change things around on a regular basis. So actually sitting down to pick out a few recipes you like and put a week’s menu together is a good way of keeping up interest. All of which brings us to the Big Breakfast Diet.

Recently, a team of researchers based at the Virginia Commonwealth University found that women who ate bigger breakfasts as part of a low-carb diet lost more weight than those who ate a low-carb diet spread out over the day. Both groups ate between 1,200 and 1,300 calories a day but the “big breakfast” is at least half the daily intake. You do not have to eat all this in one sitting. You can spread it out between the time you wake and 9 a.m. The intention is to help you feel full. In turn, this will give you the strength to resist the temptation to snack before you get to lunch. The ideal strategy sees you come down to three meals a day at regular times with no other food added in. When starting off, you may find it useful to keep some fruit around and, if you do feel a little hungry, eat an apple. Remember to cut out sweetened juices and sodas, and drink plenty of water.

As breakfast, look for a good mixture of low carb and protein. Fruit, cereal with milk, two slices of wholegrain bread, and your choice of eggs, some cheese, or slices of ham or turkey, i.e. a continental style of breakfast. Lunch and dinner should be more exclusively low carb, aiming for about 350 calories per meal. They can be based around a few ounces of chicken, turkey, pork or fish with plenty of green vegetables and a side salad, i.e. some protein and low GI, low starch vegetables and greens. The results showed both groups of dieters losing about the same percentage of body weight during the first four months but, after that, the big breakfasters went on to lose significantly more weight. By the end of the eighth week, the big breakfast group had lost up to four times the weight of the low-carb group. If motivation does prove a problem, you can add phentermine into the weight loss strategy to cover the afternoon when the craving for a snack may catch you unawares. It is easy to buy phentermine online and it offers complete appetite suppression, seeing you through into the evening without giving in to snacking. With this drug’s help, you can maintain the diet and lose a significant number of pounds.