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Choosing Ambien for the right type of sleep problem

When a person experiences sleep problems it is quite discomforting to say the least. Not getting enough sleep can over-exhaust you and become the cause of more serious psychological problems such as anxiety or depression.

However, for most people sleep disorders doesn’t seem to be a big problem at all, as the majority of those troubled with them think that popping over-the-counter pills is just enough to make the problem go away. Fact is that sleep problems are not something usual and won’t be treated with occasional medications without a professional doctor’s help.

If you have problems with falling asleep and spend a lot of time tossing and turning before actually drifting off to seep, rest assured that you aren’t the only one. It is estimated that about 60 million of US citizens have different sleep disorders. A third part of them have recurring and occasional sleep problems, while two thirds suffer from chronic and even constant insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.

Determining the type of sleep disorder

When speaking about sleep disorders, specialists divide them into three main groups:

  • complete inability to sleep
  • irregular sleep
  • excessive sleep

Each group is outside the range of normal healthy sleep and affects the individual in different ways. It is known that an average adult needs about 6-9 hours of good consistent sleep to feel refreshed and energized throughout the day. The actual duration of healthy sleep depends on the individual, types of activities he or she performs and the conditions of sleep itself. The main criteria of good healthy sleep are the feeling of energy and renewal the next day, not the actual time spent in bed.

The first group of disorders is also known as insomnia. This problem is quite common in occasional forms, as stress and fatigue from daily activities can result in lack of sleep the night after, and many people go through that on a regular basis. However, if the problem persists and lasts to be permanent, it is a cause of serious concern. Not getting enough sleep affects the overall condition of the body and mind, and will surely affect your everyday activities. So you feel that insomnia is here to stay with you, don’t hesitate and consult with your doctor. There are drugs like Ambien that can help you with the condition, so discuss the matter thoroughly.

Irregular or inconsistent sleep can be a problem as serious as lack of sleep. Experiencing disruptions in sleep can result n stress, fatigue, anxiety and irritability that will affect your daily activities. The most widespread kind of irregular sleep is called obstructive sleep apnea, a condition characterized by snoring and blockage of the airways. In some cases it is known to cause heart strokes. It is likely that drugs like Ambien won’t be of a much effect here and you will require special treatment.

Excessive sleep also known as narcolepsy is characterized by recurring sleep that can take place any time of the day and last from a couple of minutes to half an hour. The person suffering from narcolepsy cannot control their state of being awake or asleep and that of course poses a serious danger when operating machinery or performing hazardous tasks. Narcolepsy can be treated, however sleep aids like Ambien are definitely not the type of drugs you should discuss with your doctor.