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Phentermine HCL – efficient weight-reduction with a pill

April has been an interesting month. The world of politics has entered a new phase after the healthcare reform bill was signed into law. Now, in the discussion of whether the GOP should be a party of “yes” or “no”, we have Sarah Palin proposing the GOP should be the party of “Hell no!” It’s genuinely strange to watch real and imagined candidates strut their stuff with ever more wild ideas. They seem to think the route to elected office is by ranting. This is disturbing because you would always hope government was about taking decisions on the basis of the best available evidence. Yet, when he recently set out to wow the crowds, Newt Gingrich was “out there” with the good news that the GOP could slim down the federal deficit in a year or so while cutting taxes. This kind of political salesmanship depends on the world believing in the idea of a free lunch. As with the housing bubble that burst and pitched us all into recession, we can have macroeconomic gain with no tax pain. The trouble with the current political scene is there is no matching wow factor from the Democrats. For the most part, they are all rather dull. There should be someone to stand up in front of chanting intellectual liberals and proclaim, “We are the party of “Well [expletive deleted] yes!”

This makes us all the more grateful for the world of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to cosmetic conditions like acne, baldness and weight loss, the world wants to believe there are magic bullets to zap the zits, replant hair and dissolve the fat. This is the American dream in action. You can have these miracles if you part with the dollars and take these pills. Except, when it comes to weight loss, the buzz words on everyone’s lips have been: lipodissolve, lipotherapy, lipozap and injection lipolysis. All these names have been coined to sell a very simple idea. The active chemicals in these injections go straight to the heart of the problem, seeking out fat wherever it may lie, hang or sag in your body and then dissolving it. As products and services, they have been heavily promoted by clinics and spas in different parts of the US, and sold through two websites by a Brazilian company.

The FDA has now issued formal warning notices to all the companies selling the variously named products and services in the US, and notified the authorities in Brazil. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that these products are effective in any way. Indeed, when asked about the idea of any product being able to dissolve fat, the FDA starts with the gentle, “We consider these claims actively misleading.” and ends with “Hell, no!” So, remember the words of the FDA if anyone asks you to pay for any of the named products or their active ingredients phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. Instead, buy phentermine online. For a remarkably low price, you get appetite suppression alongside a diet and program of exercise. Put the package together and you get safe and effective weight loss. Remember phentermine hcl, “Weight loss? Hell yes!”