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Tramadol is a good first step where the diagnosis is correct

There has been a remarkable shift in culture over the last fifty years. In the old days, good or otherwise, there were painkillers around but people were more inclined just to cope. Yes, they would complain. But society approved of the “stoics”, the people who just put up with the pain and got on with their lives. Today, we routinely spend billions of dollars on painkillers and pop them for anything from serious joint pain to hangovers. It’s become socially acceptable to self-medicate as needed. Perhaps, by yesterday’s standards, this is a form of drug abuse. Indeed, a growing number of people are now addicted to some of the more powerful drugs. But we all seem willing to take the easiest way out, i.e. to take a pill, rather than either tolerate the pain or invest effort in finding a better way of living. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable in the US and encourages this cultural shift by a barrage of ads directly targeting you, the consumer. No subtle marketing to doctors who can use their discretion to prescribe the best drug to treat the patient’s problems. Patients must have full brand awareness and walk into a consultation ready to demand drugs by name.

Let’s take backache and joint pain as an example. As you turn fifty, the risk of osteoarthritis starts to grow and one of the first symptoms is joint pain which includes the spine. The pain can come the moment you get out of bed, then ease off and not return until later in the day. But, you must be careful with the diagnosis. The same symptoms can come from tendonitis which is an inflammation of the ligaments and tendons in a joint. It is most often caused by overuse. The reason for making a clear difference in the diagnosis is that painkillers have no effect on tendonitis. The recommended approach is physical therapy to build up the strength in the muscles around the affected joints. If the overuse comes from repeating the same actions, say while sitting at a keyboard or using a particular piece of equipment, you have to find a different way of doing the same work. A physical therapist can offer advice and guidance. But if the underlying cause is arthritis, painkillers are effective. There is a choice. Tablets allow a gradual build up of the active chemicals in the blood, but drugs are more likely to have adverse side effects. There are some excellent gels and topical creams that deliver the painkiller through the skin directly to the affected parts of the body. They have fewer side effects but need to be reapplied throughout the day.

In addition to the possibility of taking tramadol to relieve moderate to severe pain, you can also consider the use of hot packs. The targeted use of heat relieves soreness and stiffness in joints. There are major advantages to losing those pounds because that reduces the amount of weight the joints must carry. Finally, get advice on shoes to wear while walking and exercising. Using shock absorbers and arch supports can prevent joint pains from worsening. So, buy tramadol to treat a confirmed diagnosis of arthritis and seek detailed advice on how to support your joints and reduce pain by alternative means.