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To sell weight loss, all you need is Phentermine

Over the last ten years, there’s been a dramatic shift in the diet of television programs. In the good old days, there were the usual gameshows, dramas and comedies. For the most part, they were all scripted and carefully rehearsed. For producers unsure of audience reaction, there was always canned laughter to tell us when something was supposed to be funny. Life was predictable and boring quite a lot of the time. Then the studio executives woke up to a threat. If programming really was getting not a little boring, advertizers would not pay so much for their slots. Profits would fade away. They would be out of work. But how to cut costs? Hey, those writer people – they sit around not doing much and pulling big pay checks. Let’s go for reality tv. No more scripts, just ordinary people making jackasses of themselves in their search for fame and fortune. This was a revolution and nowhere more so in the weight loss shows. Gone were the worthy programs giving cooking demonstrations and advice on exercise routines. Now we had “The Biggest Loser” with hours of footage showing sweating bodies in the search for prizes. In the midst of all this grunting and groaning, new stars were born. These were the personal trainers, the tough-talking drill sergeants of the jogging machines whose job is to bully the contestants into ever greater efforts to lose an extra pound or so. Leading from the front has been Jillian Michaels. She is inspirational, always getting her contestants to go the extra mile (or two). She sells all this pain with the message that, through personal effort and self-discipline, you can change your eating habits, rebuild your body and regain lost quality of life. It’s therefore all the more surprising to see her name linked with a product like Fat Burner.

Fat Burner is the kind of product Ms Michaels should be going out of her way to run down. It’s marketed using the traditional claim: just pop two of our pills before a meal and you will lose weight. No matter how much you eat, no matter how little you exercise, you will lose weight. Yes, it’s another of those magic pills. Worse, the pills actually contain citrus aurantium which is on the list of suspect substances put out by the FDA because its use is associated with a rise in blood pressure. Indeed, for the last five years, there has been litigation between the FDA and the two companies that manufacture and market these pills, Basic Research and Thin Care International, a company owned by Ms Michaels. To this litigation is not added two new actions alleging false claims about Fat Burner.

When a celebrity whose reputation relies on saying and doing one thing is actively involved in the sale and marketing of a product that does the opposite, this is an example of hypocrisy and it raises doubts about the honesty of the celebrity. Fortunately, this is never an issue when it comes to phentermine hcl. This is a real medication and its reputation does not rely on celebrity endorsements but on clinical trials. Better still, this drug has been the market leader in appetite suppressants for five decades. Nothing survives in a free market for fifty years unless it works. So, through this site, you can buy phentermine without prescription at prices that will give you enough spare change to afford the occasional piece of chocolate cake when the temptation gets too much for you.