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Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning TipsPreparing meals for our family sometimes is easy but sometimes it can be stressful. We have to be smart and creative manage Meal planning in order not to get bored quickly. Here are some simple tips for meal planning that you can take:

1. Menu should be composed of at least 10 days in order to avoid repetition of menus on the same day.

2. Use the ingredients for one meal. For example for lunch, do not use the same materials for a package menu. This is important so that the menu is not dull and more varied nutrient intake.

3. Should not be the same processing techniques, such as dominant fried food menu, all baked or boiled everything. Variations of processing techniques affect flavor, appearance, color and texture of food. This also effect on a person’s appetite.

4. Add garnish. The dishes were placed at points of interest and given a touch of garnish would be more interesting. But, keep in mind, full of decorations must be edible and according to the type of cuisine. For example, grilled fish better suited decorated with pieces of lemon or lime juice on decorated with cherries.

5. Ignore favorite food. Everything that is consumed in excessive amounts is not good. For example, like carrots, although rich in vitamin A, if it consumed in excessive amounts will cause a disease vitamin excess. Arrange menu in accordance with the body’s nutritional needs are not favorites. Use a variety of ingredients so that the menus contain a complete and balanced nutrition.

6. Arrange menu based on the age of family members. If you have a toddler in your household or elderly person, of course the menu will be different from the other family members because of the nutritional needs and digestion is also different. Notice also the family members who are undergoing a special diet.

Hopefully useful.