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Heavy artillery for acne

The multi-billion beauty and cosmetics industry includes a niche that is definitely close to millions of teens and young adults all over the world. We are talking about acne treatments here, with millions of dollars spent to get rid of acne each year and new products being developed with the promise to make your skin clan and smooth once and for all. Unfortunately most of these strongly advertised products rarely live up to the promises they provide, giving only temporary relief or not giving any altogether. This makes people with severe skin problems such as acne try different potions, lotions, pills and cremes, spending enormous amounts of money but still having no result. And sometimes these magical solutions will lead to more serious health problems that would make acne look like a walk in the park. But instead of trying different solutions to the problem wouldn’t it be wiser to learn what the problem is caused by in the first place?

In the majority of cases acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, which takes place due to puberty and the process of adult development. But it’s a more complex situation that it may sound like in the first place.

There are many health conditions that may be contributing to the development of acne and it being hard to get rid off. And by learning which condition is the primary cause in your case you will make a big step towards resolving the problem.

Bacterial infection is most commonly leading to the development of acne and the worse is the infection, the harder it will be to get rid of acne. It may sound disturbing but getting a bacterial infection of the skin is fairly easy due to the porous structure of the skin itself. There’s plenty of space in the skin for the bacteria to dwell, but once there’s an excessive production of oil in the skin they are staying for good.

Looking into the problem deeper, you may find different causes for bacterial infection and excessive oil production in the skin, which are linked to each other and closely intertwined. Once you are able to identify the factor leading to these problems, the choice of treatment will be much easier and effective than it would be without it:

  • Excessive oil production in the skin is often associated with puberty, or hormonal imbalance to be more exact. And if there are hormonal issues later after puberty you might want to check with your doctor and see what can be done.
  • Good hygiene is likely to prevent bacterial infections, so pay more attention to areas with acne when washing yourself or going through cleaning procedures.
  • Dead skin cells are a very attractive form of food for the bacteria, especially when not cleaned properly. Make sure to leave bacteria without food and prevent breeding by exfoliating dead cells frequently.
  • Increased production of oil within the skin is also likely to be caused by fat-rich diet. Stick to natural fats only and make sure to eat more greens and healthy food in general instead of fast food or snacks.

In the majority of cases following the tips mentioned above will help you get rid of nasty acne. But if there’s no change even after trying them, you might want to buy Accutane. Accutane is a very strong drug and is like heavy artillery for acne, providing effective treatment no matter how severe the condition may be. However, before you buy Accutane, you should consult with your doctor to see if it’s safe for you to take the drug.