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Some Facts about Modern Pain Management

Pain is the classic example of a double-edged sword. It’s a very clever system for warning us that something is wrong with the body – think of it as the dog that barks in the night to warn you of a robber entering your home. But, once you have the message, you want the dog to stop barking. Except, pain does not come with an on/off switch. Like a dog that lacks training, it will not obey your commands. If the cause of the pain is an accidental injury, it will most likely heal and the pain will fade of its own accord. But if the pain persists, you have to made an emotional adjustment.

It all comes down to your character. Giving into despair and depression will see your life slowly disintegrate. You will not be prepared to make the effort to move around. Going to work will become impossible. Family relationships will come under strain. Continue in this and you will become an invalid, afraid to move in case the pain worsens. Although the end can be delayed by taking ever more powerful painkillers, you can lose everything. But if you take a more positive view, you can make the best of a bad situation. For example, there is no cure for a condition like arthritis. All you can do is learn how to cope within the new physical limitations. Taking satisfaction in still having a paying job and a happy family will see you maintain your quality of life.

The problem you face is learning how to stay positive. It should start with your doctors. They should be careful to make the most reliable diagnosis of the cause of your pain. If it is an injury or damage caused by a disease, there may be well-established surgical procedures to repair the damage. Only if you know what is causing the pain can you find the most effective way of treating that cause and relieving the pain. Leaving it to guesswork or abandoning hope in favor of prescribing painkillers is lazy and unprofessional.

Once the doctors have made their best efforts to cure the underlying cause, we can move on to the next step which is a mixture of physical and psychological therapy. There are a range of different treatments to improve movement in joints and rebuild muscle tone. Some rely on massage and manipulation, often involve exercise routines. Exercise in a swimming pool is favored where movement is to be encouraged without gravity weighing down the body. The best type of counseling is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This teaches you how to redesign your lifestyle to regain lost mobility.

In this, there is a place for painkillers like tramadol. No-one expects you to be a hero with special abilities to ensure pain. During the initial stages of any pain management program, you will be prescribed some drugs. But the long term aim is to avoid you becoming dependent on those drugs. The ideal is for you to take control over your life and accept the limitations forced on you by the pain. For moderate to severe pain, tramadol will give you a breathing space, a time of calm during which you can learn how best to live your life. It’s easy to take tablets. It’s better to manage pain without them.