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Nutrition For Male Fertility

We need to know, some problems that cause difficulty-having children, not just problems in women, but the husband could also problematic. Commonly, infertility problems on male are because of the amount and the quality sperm. So, make sure your husband eat some foods containing vitamins and minerals that function improve fertility, such as:

– Vitamin C – works to improve the quality of sperm. For smokers are encouraged to take supplements of at least 500 mg per day.

– Vitamin B12 – launched the production of sperm. The best source is beef.

– Vitamin E protects sperm from free radical damage. The best sources are olive oil and yeast wheat.

– Carnitine – essential amino acid that is useful to strengthen the movement of sperm

– Zinc – increases testosterone levels in the blood. The best sources are shellfish, nuts, seeds, especially seeds and buckwheat.

– Folic acid – increases fertility. The best sources are spinach, kale, oranges.

– Selenium – makes sperm more ‘agile’. The best source is salmon.

As an alternative, please take Zenerx, which is believed capable improving sexual health, increase sperm production, and increase the vitality of men.

Do not forget to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. Besides reducing blood levels of testosterone and sperm count, alcohol and nicotine can also weaken the quality of sperm.