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Don’t use phentermine for weight loss during pregnancy

According to Sarah Palin, the European healthcare service operates like the Canadian cull of seals. On a regular basis, men armed with clubs go out among the unhealthy and older members of society, and put down those who no longer contribute to the strength of the group. Death panels decide who shall live and die. That means, by her standards, one of the leading panels is UK’s NICE – the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. This group of so-called experts draws up guidelines to be used by the medical profession. Whenever there is good research evidence that a particular treatment is effective, it is incorporated into the national practice standards. But if a given treatment or drug is not shown effective, the medical profession and hospitals are instructed not to use them. So, many of the procedures that are standard in the US are not allowed in the UK, and many of the drugs routinely prescribed in the US are either not available in the UK or only available if the patient pays privately. Despite this, people in the UK live longer and enjoy better health than Americans.

Anyway, NICE has just launched a consultation process to decide what advice to give pregnant women about weight loss. If you want to offer an opinion, you can do so during the next month through http://guidance.nice.org.uk/PHG/Wave18/3. NICE offers the opinion that women do not need to increase the amount they eat during the first six months of pregnancy. The idea that pregnant women are “eating for two” is a myth. The most needed is an extra 200 calories a day during the last three months. That said, it is always better for women not to get pregnant if they have a BMI of 30 or more. This is not to suggest there is a high risk to the fetus. But the evidence shows there are fewer complications during pregnancy if women lose weight before getting pregnant. In general, trying to lose weight during pregnancy is not advisable. Stability and consistency of behavior are more important. That means women who routinely exercise before pregnancy should continue. Finally, women should not be misled by celebrities who slim dramatically after giving birth. It is better to lose weight gradually. Even so, there is no evidence that the quantity or quality of milk is affected in women who do crash diet after giving birth. NICE simply suggests women do what feels right for them. If they are tired, they should rest. Hopefully, they are eating a healthy diet anyway. As long as they get back to their pre-pregnancy weight at some point, this will be good for their long-term health.

There have been no tests performed in the UK or the US to determine whether it is safe for women to take phentermine hcl during pregnancy. So applying the precautionary principle, it better if you do not take this drug during pregnancy unless your doctor has specifically approved it. What can be said with certainty is that the active chemicals do enter the mother’s milk and can have an adverse effect on nursing babies. Thus, if you do want to lose weight after giving birth, do not buy phentermine online and take it while breast-feeding. You should either wean the baby or find another drug that suppresses your appetite without endangering your child.