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What’s the relationship between mood and acne?

At one level, this can look like a really stupid question. Anyone who has ever had acne will know that the reaction of others to the appearance of pimples causes stress. In fact, as a teenager, getting through the weeks or months of acne can be a real challenge to self-confidence. Just as you are growing into your own skin and working out who you are, the world suddenly treats you as a disease carrier and disrespects you. But this rather misses the point. Medically, it’s important to know whether stress causes acne or, once it has arrived, makes it worse. If it does, teaching relaxation techniques could be either a preventative measure or an effective treatment. Even if there is no medical evidence of benefits, there can be emotional benefits from relaxation and breathing exercises.

Until the turn of the century, there was little research into this issue. This is a highly profitable business for both drug companies and the cosmetics industry. What cannot be cured can be covered up with foundation powders and creams. To spend money on research into whether this profitably combined industry can be swept away by simple relaxation exercises is therefore not encouraged. Every possible source of funding would turn the interests of researchers into the development of new drugs, creams and powders. However, at some point, medical curiosity is raised and small-scale clinical trials are run. Universities are supposed to be set up to engage in blue-sky not commercial research. Thus, for example, a survey involving only twenty-two students at Stanford University School of Medicine “proved” that the stress of examinations worsened acne. When this was combined with changes in diet, the acne became even more severe. Unfortunately, the number of participants is not statistically significant and, as with similar studies, it’s not possible to generalize the findings to the general population. For now, the profits of the drug and cosmetic companies are safe.

Nevertheless, stress should remain on the research agenda. In theory, stress stimulates the release of the steroid cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones into the blood stream. Even in women, male hormones associated with excess oil production are released. Stress also affects the auto-immune system and interferes with the healing process. This slows down the recovery from the infections in the pores caused by the bacteria. Even unscientific observations show more inflamed papules filled with puss during stressful periods. Thus, relaxation exercises should become a regular part of life for everyone who suffers from acne.

Even if this does not prevent acne, it will improve recovery time and give people a psychological lift. Anything that helps people face the world with more confidence is a good thing. For those who remain sceptical, the best solution is to buy accutane online. This is the most powerful of the drugs used to treat acne and, in the vast majority of cases, clears up the skin during the first period of treatment. Given the savings that can be made when you buy online, cheap accutane is the best way to beat acne when relaxation is not an acceptable strategy.