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Tips to Improve Male Fertility

At this time, I will share health tips for men. Here are some tips that can be done to maintain the vitality of men thus increasing fertility.

1. Cool temperatures.
To produce healthy sperm, the temperature of the testes should be colder than normal body temperature. For that is why balls in which the testes were created to hang outside the body. To maximize the quality and quantity of sperm, reduce the intensity of soaking in hot water

2. Avoid cigarette smoke.
Smoking can increase the risk of infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Nicotine makes blood thickens so it cannot circulate smoothly, including the genital blood vessels. As a result, sexual harassment emerged as premature ejaculation, erection is not perfect, and even impotence.

3. Consumption of healthy foods and extenze.
Eat healthy foods is highly recommended because it can help the production of hormones that affect the development of sperm and testosterone production in testis. To get optimal result, you can take extenze that is believed capable of improving sexual health, increase sperm production, and increase the vitality of men.

4. Avoid alcohol and drugs.
Alcohol is a bad influence on the quality and quantity of sperm, reduce testosterone production, and can lead to erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

5. Avoid toxic materials.
Avoid contact or inhaling chemicals, like pesticides, herbicides, paint, wood varnish, glue, and heavy metals. These substances can cause hormonal imbalance.

6. Consultation with the doctor.
Consult your reproductive issues with doctors, especially gynecologists or genitalia. You will find the right solution there.