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Yet another weight-loss reality TV show

It seems the imagination of the people who work for TV corporations is limited to the same basic formula. Reality shows are big business. If you want to earn the maximum revenue from selling ad space on TV, have a group of people running round the world doing strange things in a search for suitcase dollars or follow a group of families as they compete against each other to see who can lose the most weight. In these shows, the biggest losers are the winners. They become fan favorites and find their public lives transformed with fans approaching them as they walk down Main Street. Actually, for weight loss, this can be a big plus because fans can embarrass people into keeping to a diet. Imagine how a participant in a weight loss show would feel if everyone pointed them out as they bought another donuts.

Anyway, ABC has announced a new version of the same-old tired show. It’s to be called the Extreme Weight Loss Show. Note the touch of originality by adding “Extreme” to the title. You can always tell producers are desperate when they start using words like “extreme”. So the hook to convert the ordinary into the extreme is that each of the contestants in this competition must aim to lose an amazing amount of weight: the men must be on a program to lose not less than 200 pounds, the women not less than 150 pounds. Now the writer has a conceptual problem with these numbers. He weighs 170 pounds in total so the idea that someone could lose more than he weighs boggles his mind. Yet ABC expects the world to line up outside its doors in Nashville to volunteer their time and sweat. The lure of the fame or notoriety is just too great. Sorry, perhaps that should be the lure of the extreme cash prizes for the winner is just too great. It’s amazing how many people will humiliate themselves just to earn a dollar.

The show does have a realistic time frame in mind. It is employing a team of personal trainers who will visit each contestant’s home to bully them into action. No reality show is complete without all those tears of frustration when contestants find their comfortable bubble punctured by aggressive trainers. The cameras will record these sessions and follow the contestants over a one year period. The person losing the most weight wins the prize. This is not unrealistic. It rules out all those who might try to starve themselves into a winning loss, offering a gentle and safe weight reduction approach. But only someone really motivated will keep to a high-intensity exercise program over a year. This is a fair test. Which brings us to phentermine because, when your motivation is running down and hunger is about to send you back into the kitchen for a soda and snacks, this drug steps into that gap in your stomach and sends out the message, “No” to the brain. Buy phentermine and find out why millions of people have lost weight over the last fifty years (and counting).