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Practical Ways to Fight Flu

Ordinary flu outbreaks in the rainy season, consider the guidelines of Vaden Health Center, Stanford University, USA, here to ease the suffering from the flu:

1. Consume a lot of fluids into the body, especially when you had a fever. Select hot tea, water, and chicken soup or vegetable, and fruit juices

2. When experiencing the flu, usually the appetite will decrease. Try to eat a little every 2 hours. Low-fat foods consumed most suited to fill an empty stomach when the flu. In contrast, high-fat foods will actually make the stomach feel sick and want to vomit. Therefore, try to eat light, warm foods, like chicken or warm vegetable soup.

3. Try to eat protein, because protein is the nutrient that can help to restore the body’s health. Select sources of protein such as chicken, fish or eggs. Yogurt, milk, tempeh or tofu can also be a choice of healthy sources of protein.

4. Do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables that can strengthen the immune system. These include oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, spinach, papaya, and others.

5. When the flu accompanied by diarrhea, consume bananas to relieve diarrhea. Stop eating milk and dairy products because the body’s ability to digest a decline when you have diarrhea.